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About Us

 Making Air The Way Nature Intended It To Be   De Nova Technology is revolutionizing the market by delivering a series of innovative technologies. Our range of products consist of Haze, Hazmat, Air Travel, Extreme Sports and Medical Masks with the following features:  -Delivering cool filtered air in masks -Providing moist air to keep people hydrated -Creating a clean room environment on your face by putting a silicone seal around the mask and reducing the amount of health sapping particles from the air -Incorporating cutting edge communication systems uses bluetooth and enabling one to speak to another person privately with voice cancelling technology -Inducing recreational oxygen which provides energy for avid sports  -Emitting aromatherapy for relaxation  -Creating a connection between the mask and filter with a fan to propel air. The positive air flow creates an environment that allows individuals with beards to properly wear their mask without shaving. -Producing warm moist air to the lungs which increases core body heat -Providing unique filters for asthma and chemotherapy including uv filtration to create a germ free environment  -Granting the ability to use cell phones, listen to music, or be guided by existing smart phone GPS applications.  -Creating a system strapped to the leg with heat or cool air emitted into a vest for motor sports. This keeps a rider cool under his leather jacket respirator face mask

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